Monday, May 1, 2017

Neil McFarlane Releases Another Hilarious Collection of Children's Bedtime Stories - The Revolting Brains

Children's book author Neil McFarlane has just released a new bedtime stories collection. This one is called "The Revolting Brains" and if it's anything like his other books it'll be hilarious.


Treat your child to another week of Bedtime Stories!

Bite-sized read-aloud bedtime tales for parent and child.


1. Pathetic Sick Sniffy Pants
3. The Mango Mouse
2. How to Sledgehammer a Lollipop
4. Turvy Topsy Land
5. The ... Way of the Pizza!
6. The Case of the Missing Woods
7. The Revolting Brains

A follow-up to the highly praised A Month of Bedtime Stories, this collection contains a further seven tales in the series. Each story takes about ten minutes to read and places your child at the centre of each adventure with heavy doses of wacky humour which can be enjoyed by parent and child alike. 

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