Monday, February 27, 2017

The Lost Treasure of Loma Grande by Richard Clark is an Action-Packed Book for Kids!


Rudy McCafferty is a fifth-grader who is just trying to get through life and school with as few problems as possible. He tries to stay out of the way of a few local bullies and his mother’s obnoxious boyfriend. To do this, Rudy spends his free time digging in the caves below the new Loma Grande mall. His dream is to become an archaeologist one day like his idol C.J. Drake. Little does Rudy know he’ll soon get the chance to meet the famous Drake AND get a shot at finding an important piece of archaeological treasure.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Lost Treasure of Loma Grande. There is so much for middle graders (and adults) to like. The author has captured the voice of a ten-year-old boy extremely well. It’s not a long book, but there’s plenty of action, adventure and suspense to keep kids reading along. Rudy McCafferty’s character is genuinely likable and relatable. I highly recommend this book! 

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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