Monday, October 10, 2016

Oliver and Jumpy by Werner Stejskal - New Stories Are FREE for a Limited Time!

Oliver and Jumpy are back and FREE for a very limited amount of time. Grab this awesome children's book of three stories while you can!

DIY Mom Book Review:

Oliver the dapper cat is back with his best friend Jumpy the Kangaroo for three more action-packed adventures:
  1. Flood
  2. Lazy Squirrel
  3. Unexpected Lory 

In “Flood”, Oliver and his friends are waiting out a powerful storm in the treehouse. Things get scary, but Oliver, as usual, is the voice of reason and jumps into action to help his friends stay calm and safe. There’s plenty of excellent role modeling and lessons for children in this one! There’s also a sweet poem at the end.

In “Lazy Squirrel”, Oliver is visited by a distraught squirrel. Of course, Oliver compassionately listens to the poor little squirrel and he soon agrees to help. Children learn about caring for others and apologizing when we’ve done wrong.

In “Unexpected Lory”, we begin with Oliver chasing Mausi the mouse, but all is not as it seems. Oliver is far too kind to cause any harm. When Oliver returns after a hard day of chasing Mausi, he’s intrigued to find that he has a very beautiful visitor named Lory in his treehouse. Oliver listens to Lory’s story and wonders what to do about this new visitor.

I loved these new Oliver and Jumpy stories. Werner Stejskal’s books are always a joy to read and look at! The stories are engaging, filled with action, and the illustrations are colorful and beautiful. I highly recommend this and all of the Oliver and Jumpy books to children, parents, grandparents and caregivers!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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