Monday, September 19, 2016

Oliver and Jumpy's Latest Book Installment is Another Wonderful Children's Book!

I LOVE children's author Werner Stejskal's Oliver and Jumpy book series! Stories 52-54 continue this awesome story collection.

These stories are the latest three in the Oliver and Jumpy series. They include:

  1. Oliver the Babysitter
  2. Smoke Over the Sea
  3. Raindrop

As before, readers follow the adventures of Oliver the dapper black and white cat, and his best friend Jumpy the Kangaroo. In Oliver the Babysitter, Oliver learns he’s about to become an uncle again. His sister is expecting her fourth baby and needs Oliver to babysit her three current little ones while she's in the hospital. Oliver soon finds that minding children is a difficult job. Young readers will be amused by Oliver’s adventures and mishaps. There’s a lovely ending and some valuable lessons for children.

In Smoke Over the Sea, Oliver finds that someone is sending SOS smoke signals. As usual, Oliver and his friends are quickly willing to help out. When things don’t exactly turn out as expected, Oliver uses his smarts and ingenuity to save the day.

In Raindrop, readers follow an imaginative story about Droppy the raindrop and her friends. There’s some wonderful kid-friendly science lessons at play here!

As always, I enjoyed these three new Oliver and Jumpy stories. Werner Stejskal continues to write wonderfully engaging, clever and educational books for children. I’m always so impressed by the detailed and gorgeous illustrations too. I highly recommend the Oliver and Jumpy series of books for children, parents, grandparents and caregivers.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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