Monday, August 8, 2016

Ellie the Elephant by Uncle Amon is Another Wonderful Children's Book

There are five wonderful children’s stories in this book:

  1. Ellie the Elephant
  2. The Monkey Who Cried Crocodile
  3. Tough Guy Rex
  4. A Flamingo of Many Colors
  5. Prince of the Jungle

Ellie the Elephant is a sweet and caring elephant who enjoys helping her friends. Yet, no matter how much she cares for the other animals, she remains a sad little elephant who never smiled. Four of her closest friends decide to find out why Ellie is so sad, so they follow her around to observe her throughout her typical day. They soon learn that Ellie has a very sad story to tell indeed. The Monkey Who Cried Crocodile is a fun retelling of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf. Tough Guy Rex is about a rhino that is far too friendly for his family’s expectations. A Flamingo of Many Colors centers on Fatima the flamingo who’s unhappy being the same old boring color, pink. In Prince of the Jungle, Lyle the lion is surprised to suddenly find out he’s a prince.  

These are five more exceptional children’s tales for parents and kids to enjoy together! In particular, the story of Ellie the Elephant is a lovely tale about family, friends and overcoming difficulty and tragedy. All of the stories are charming and kid-friendly. Each tale subtly and effectively deals with issues that concern children in terms that they can easily understand.

I love Uncle Amon’s stories. There are always wonderful activities included at the end for kids to explore further. Older children should have no trouble reading these stories alone and younger children should enjoy having them read to them.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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