Monday, August 8, 2016

Bravo and Elphie by Hagit and Or Oron is Another GREAT Children's Book with a Positive Message for Kids

Elphie is a cute little elephant who gets a new pet rat named Bravo. At first, Elphie is worried. Bravo is so tiny and Elphie is so big. He doesn’t want to accidentally step on Bravo. So Mommy suggests they go to the park to play. While at the park, Bravo is fearless and does all the things Elphie has always wanted to do, but had been afraid to try - things like climbing the monkey bars and going down the big red slide. Through it all Mommy is close by, encouraging Elphie to conquer his fears.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading and reviewing books by Hagit and her daughter, Or, in the past and I was again impressed with this new book. I love books that have positive messages for children, and Bravo and Elphie certainly fits this category. Children will enjoy hearing how these two unlikely friends bond and instill confidence in one another. Many children are afraid of some of the same things that Elphie is afraid of, so it’s easy for them to relate to this story.

The illustrations are beautiful, expressive and wonderful accompaniments to the story. I would highly recommend this short, sweet book to children, parents, grandparents and caregivers. It’s worth downloading and keeping on hand, as I’m sure it’ll soon become a favorite read!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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