Thursday, March 10, 2016

Want to Learn How to Crochet? Crochet For Beginners Has Something for Every Level of Crocheter

I was getting a little tired of downloading how-to books that talk about doing something, but don’t show readers exactly how to do it. Far too many guides don’t include photos or step-by-step instructions. Thank goodness Crochet for Beginners isn’t one of them.

I’m not a beginner at crochet. I’ve been crocheting since the age of ten or so, but I often find that books that are meant for beginners can also be useful for people with plenty of experience. The author starts with the basics, to include the “language” of crochet (abbreviations) and I was surprised that there were a few stitches I’d never heard of. The abbreviations included are definitely extensive. One section deals with a subject I’ve most definitely not mastered yet – Reading Diagrams. I admit this has always been confusing to me and the author has broken the process down beautifully. The crochet hook size and chart is extremely valuable, since they’re broken down into metric, US and UK sizes. In fact, the Materials and Tools Chapter is filled with tons of important information. 

The diagrams are clear and precise. Even the absolute beginner should have no trouble following the basic crochet stitches detailed in Chapter 3. There are plenty of instructional photos included throughout. There are several super easy projects for the beginner and expert alike. While it’s true you can sit and watch YouTube videos that teach you how to crochet, instructional books like this one can be an invaluable help when learning how to master a new craft. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in crochet!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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