Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jam-Packed with Fun, Engaging Activities for the Whole Family - "Frugal Family Fun" by Amanda Mawhinney is a Must Have Book!

The author opens this book by introducing readers to what frugal is and why it’s so important to not only families, but to a variety of other groups. After all, states the author, the tips and suggestions contained in Frugal Family Fun can easily be used by churches, scout troupes, teachers and other group organizers. Right from the start Ms. Mawhinney had me hooked because the book is already promised to be a multi-purpose tool!

Every step is geared toward bonding together in a fun way. And, bonding together as a family or like-minded group builds stronger relationships and who doesn’t want that? The author’s suggestion of making the first activity fun by creating a list of ideas complete with interactive props along with a budget is excellent. This is a great way to get everyone onboard. It also provides a teachable moment with children about finances. There’s that multi-purpose aspect again!

There are ideas for every age group in this book. The author emphasizes the importance of getting all members of the group involved. There’s a generous section on taking special needs and challenges into consideration, which I found to be valuable.  

From there, the author includes specific fun activities that are designed for specific purposes. Things like team-building, crafting, cooking, role-play, gardening, woodworking, stargazing, nature hiking, puppetry and so much more are included in great detail. There are things to do together outdoors or indoors, during the day or at night, and during any season of the year. In fact, this book is so packed with fun activities you’ll probably never hear those dreaded words, “there’s nothing to do” again. I love, love, love that the author devoted a full chapter to volunteering. It’s so important to make good stewards of our children as early as possible.

The author’s writing style is conversational, easy-going and engaging. She was definitely able to motivate me to try several of her ideas already! I highly recommend Frugal Family Fun to parents, teachers, caregivers and group leaders!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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