Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jewelry Box Diorama Hobbit House

Here's a cute craft you can do with the kiddos. Remember those dioramas you made in school? The ones where your mom had to dig a shoe box out of her closet and you filled it with clay figures and other findings? This is a take on the diorama and it's so simple and super inexpensive you'll want to make several of them.

I used a cardboard jewelry box I saved from a while back. I hot glued the boxes together to create a backdrop and then painted the "scenery" with craft paints. Then, I made salt dough, formed some into a Hobbit-style house, "baked" it in the microwave, painted it and hot glued it inside the box. I used one toothpick, snapped in half and set in a couple of dabs of hot glue. Small children will need assistance hot gluing, but tacky glue could probably used as well. Then I added two tiny bits of fabric, folded over and glued to wire I strung from each toothpick "post" to create the clothesline. I guess I'm on a laundry kick lately.

I think this would be a great party craft activity. What child wouldn't want to take home their own handmade party favor? You can buy the jewelry boxes in bulk at supercenters and craft stores.

Happy Crafting!

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