Sunday, November 27, 2011

Selling Your Handcrafted Items

If you frequently receive compliments and requests for your needlework, pottery, jewelry, candles, quilts, furniture, toys or any number of handcrafted products then you already know there’s a market for your goods. Turning a hobby into a business is a natural progression. Cottage industries are being created everyday and with good reason. Designing and producing handmade items from your home is an affordable way to start a business.  There’s no additional overhead, you can make your own hours and creating an original piece of artwork with your own hands is extremely gratifying.
Online Auctions
Finding the right outlet to sell your handmade merchandise is fairly simple. There are several to choose from. Online auctions like eBay and artisan sites like Etsy and DaWanda are thriving. One of a kind, unique handcrafted products are always in high demand and these sites make the most of this fact. Artists who list their items often will soon find themselves becoming successful sellers with loyal followings.
Flea Markets
Flea markets are excellent places to test your product. Just about every community has a flea market or farmer’s market. Buyers are always looking for novelty items for themselves or loved ones. Consulting with local chambers of commerce or checking area periodicals will provide a list of neighborhood markets. Cost for a one-time set up or yearly membership is usually minimal and quite affordable. Don’t overlook indoor flea markets either. These have the added benefit of being a permanent set up and the weather is never a consideration.
Holiday Bazaars
The holidays are a hobbyist’s best time of year. Holiday bazaars, church sales and craft fairs are popular at holiday time. Sales at these venues are usually highly successful. People are in good spirits and looking for unique gifts. Gear your creative efforts towards holiday-related items. If your area doesn’t have any of these sales scheduled, consider coordinating one yourself. Put ads in the paper, talk to local schools and churches. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many people will be glad to participate.
Many Americans take pleasure in a wide variety of hobbies. Earning money from an enjoyable pastime is an added bonus. A hobby can easily be turned in to a business. With a little bit of imagination, ingenuity and a quality handcrafted product you can tap in to this reliable outlet. Bringing the rest of the family in to the production process makes this a family cottage business. Many businesses started this way. Why shouldn’t yours?

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