Monday, November 28, 2016

Bear with Bear by Hagit R. Oron is a Uniquely Unconventional Book for Children!

I LOVE unusual and unique books for kids and Bear with Bear certainly fits that category. It's honestly unlike any other children's book I've read before. I knew I had to share it with readers!


The book blurb describes this as an unconventional children’s book. In the author’s words, "if you are looking for a conventional book you should continue your search, but if you're on a lookout for an original, non-traditional work then take a look inside." Well, I'm glad I took a look inside, because Bear with Bear is certainly unlike any other children's book I've ever read before. 

Bear with Bear begins with a note from the author to the reader, explaining that this is an unusual story about a child who wishes to have an unusual pet. The telling of the story is also unusual – the interactive format allows children to click on images to read the “story behind the story”. The little flags in the lower right hand corners of the pages allow readers to see if certain elements of the story are based on truth. The backstories are also located at the end of the book. What a fun way to present a children’s tale! Readers can also read the book in the conventional way – it’s totally up to the child.

Bear is a curious youngster who enjoys playing with “creepy” things. Bear tries to befriend any number of would-be pets, but his sister Penelope is easily scared and his mother tends to discourage Bear’s pet choices. Bear gets into all sorts of predicaments in his search for the perfect creepy pet.

I loved this book. I found it to be a unique and clever way to present a story to children. The vocabulary is age-appropriate. The illustrations are sweet and colorful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the author’s personal stories as well. This is like getting two books for the price of one. Highly recommended!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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