Sunday, September 4, 2016

Paint Blob Figure Art

I love Carla Sonheim's art and wanted to give her ink figure art a try. I didn't have any ink, so I used watered down black acrylic paint. Using a messy, well-used brush I painted two paint blobs and added the figure. This is a super simple technique, which can be easily altered to fit your own style. You could also try making your figure's base using Sharpies or oil pastels like I did in the last two photos below. Go ahead...give it a try!

"Fran" © 2016 Susan Barton

"Gramps" © 2016 Susan Barton

"Redhead" © 2016 Susan Barton
Made with Sharpie instead of paint.

"Redhead 2" © 2016 Susan Barton
Made with Oil Pastel instead of paint, and a little bit
of watercolor for the background. 

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