Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kids and Camp Postcard Ideas

Here's an idea to use those Quirky Characters that I featured in my previous post. Making postcards to send home while at camp might ease those homesick blues. Kids and parents can create them together prior to camp, to have on hand as needed. Don't forget to send some stamps too (and maybe a few envelopes to add extra protection for that precious artwork).

© 2016 Susan Barton

I used only recycled materials to create the postcard - cereal boxes to be exact - so it cost me nothing to make. I used permanent markers to color the Quirky Character and added thick paint to the printed side of the cardboard (I used a pallet knife for better coverage). The Quirky Character is glued onto the postcard using a strong craft glue (I used "Crafter's Pick"). Then I printed out the saying from my computer and glued it on with my homemade decoupage glue (school glue and water).

I drew lines for addressing the card on the back and it's ready to go. These postcards would also make a great Vacation Bible or other summertime craft activity!

© 2016 Susan Barton

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