Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amanda in Arabia by Darlene Foster is An Action-Packed Adventure Story for Girls

I LOVE books that put girls in the role of adventurous heroes, so when I saw Amanda in Arabia by Darlene Foster I knew I had to download it. It didn't disappoint me! If you're looking for something for your tween girl to read this summer, I can certainly recommend this book. My book review is below.

Amanda is a twelve-year-old Canadian girl who’s given the opportunity to spend a month-long vacation with her aunt and uncle in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She’s immediately drawn to the sites and beauty of a land that’s very foreign from her own and is thrilled when she gets the opportunity to ride on a camel. On a trip to a local village she buys an intricate and old perfume flask from a mysterious shop owner who insists he knew it was meant for her. From there Amanda’s vacation is filled with adventure, intrigue and even danger.

This was a wonderful chapter book for young girls. I love books that show girls as adventurous heroes and this one certainly fits that category perfectly. Amanda in Arabia contains just the right amount of action, suspense and mystery to keep youngsters involved and reading. It’s a super quick read and I finished it in just under an hour.

The cultural references were educational and engaging. Ms. Foster has placed a spunky tween in the main character role and it works beautifully. What young girl doesn’t need another positive role model to read about? Wonderful!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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