Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Artist Stacy Harshman’s Experiment of Self-Discovery Becomes a New Book! Crowning Glory Set to Release on June 26, 2016

Have you ever wanted to be someone else, even for just a little while? Have you ever found yourself drawn to those expansive hair and wig places in your local mall and thought it might be fun to don a new color or style? Well, that’s exactly what Stacy Harshman did and the results were so surprising that she just had to turn her experience into her new book, Crowning Glory.

So what prompted this experiment in self-discovery? Stacy explains that, “It started when I bought a long, red wig one late night on eBay. When I put the wig on, I felt transformed into a fiery, sexy and bold woman. When I wore the wig out into the world, people reacted to me very differently.” A total stranger on the street actually begged her to take him home with her. She happily admits she loved the attention and started wondering what it would be like to have the same long hair, but in different colors. How would she feel as a blond or brunette? How would people react to her? The idea was so compelling she knew she had a research project on her hands...or on her head.

Crowning Glory details the results of Stacy’s social experiment and she’s the first to admit that she learned more about herself and other people in that 5-week period than she ever thought possible. I had been fighting a long bout of depression, and this wig wearing was a weird miracle.  It helped me feel good and gave me energy.   I decided to do the experiment out of curiosity and also to give myself a steady structure and focus,” Stacy says.  

Stacy hired a spy to record her experiences while wearing a variety of wigs and Crowning Glory documents the adventurous results. Additionally, Crowning Glory is deeply personal, since it is also the story of Stacy's struggles with bipolar disorder. The book discusses how the experience helped her heal in ways she could never have imagined. Stacy hopes readers will find value in Crowning Glory too.

Crowning Glory will be released on Amazon on June 26, 2016, but pre-orders for the book are being accepted now. The book will be available in print and eBook formats, at just 9.99 and 2.99 respectively. Review copies are available upon request through the author’s website.


Stacy Harshman recently relocated from NYC to Vermont where she currently works on a therapeutic farm.  After a Midwestern childhood in a family of designers, antique dealers, and equestrians, Stacy traveled extensively before finding a home in New York City, which she still maintains. Always driven toward creative expression, Stacy writes fiction, memoir and essays, and has written and recorded five albums of original music.

Her passion for color and pattern led to the launch of Andarina Designs, a custom lighting design company. Stacy is inspired by women all over the world, working in community partnerships to produce beautiful and sustainable work. Currently, her favored form of expression is mixed media painting-collages. She devotes her time to animals and to the healing arts.

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