Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Elphie and Dad Go On An Epic Adventure by Hagit R and Or Oron Teaches Kids That Everyday Chores Can Be Fun If You Stay Safe

This book grabbed my attention first, because it’s currently free and second it’s by a mother and daughter duo. Mom (Hagit R) is the writer and daughter (Or) is the illustrator. I love that!

© 2016 Hagit R and Or Oron
Now on to the story of Elphie and Dad, who go on an Epic adventure. Elphie and Dad are son and father elephants. Elphie is adorable, and when dad suggests a trip to the market Elphie decides that idea sounds far too boring. When Dad proposes making their trip to the market part of an Epic Adventure, Elphie is ready to go. He grabs his sword and cape on his way out the door of course.

© 2016 Hagit R and Or Oron
Elphie has an active imagination, which helps him battle tigers, lizards and dragons, and rescue princesses. But sometimes he’s so busy imagining that he puts himself in some precarious situations. Dad certainly has his hands full keeping Elphie safe, instructing him all the while on how to have an epic adventure, but to do it carefully. But that’s what Dads do after all.

© 2016 Hagit R and Or Oron

This is an awesome story of a loving and caring relationship between father and son. The illustrations are colorful, vibrant and charming. It would make an excellent bedtime story or a wonderful book to read to preschoolers during circle time. It can be used to discuss with youngsters how everyday chores can be fun if you use your imagination and stay safe in the process. Wonderful!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton


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