Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Slow Cooker 101 is a Great Book to Add to Your Cookbook Collection

I love my slow cooker! In fact, I have a couple of slow cookers that I use on a regular basis. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a hot and ready home cooked meal any night of the week? The convenience can’t be beat. When I saw this book on Amazon I debated before downloading it. After all, how much more can I learn about using a slow cooker? It turns out I still had some things to learn and some delicious recipes to try.

Slow Cooker 101 is filled with good advice. Some of it is extremely basic. Things like stocking your kitchen with the proper utensils, etc. Then there was advice that was so simple, yet so helpful I had one of those “now, why didn’t I think of that?” moments. For example, the author suggests creating tin foil handles prior to cooking roasts and poultry in order to facilitate removal later. I admit I haven’t tried this tip yet, and I do have to wonder how well it works on a super moist, falling apart roast or chicken but I’m willing to give it a try.

There are plenty of recipes in this book to appeal to a variety of tastes. Even the kids should enjoy the super simple Sloppy Joes and Cheeseburger Joes recipes. Apparently there’s even a way to make Polenta in your slow cooker (who knew?!) Definitely something I’m planning to try. There are entrees, stews, sauces, dips, puddings, and meats designed to be used for sandwiches, so the recipes are suitable for lunches, casual family suppers and elegant sit-down dinners.

As with almost all recipes, there is a certain amount of prep time beforehand, but this can easily be done the night before. Some of the recipes need a little further finishing up afterwards – things like making gravies from broth, shredding meats, preparing rice as accompaniments and blending to make purees– but the bulk of the recipes can be used by busy families throughout the week.

I would have liked more accompanying photos, but it didn’t take away from the value of the book. This is a good book to have in your cookbook collection.

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton  

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