Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wood Jewelry Box Drawer Art Assemblage

Are you ready for another recycled art assemblage idea? This one is super simple and cost me absolutely nothing except my time (which was extremely minimal). I had a salvaged wooden jewelry box, rescued from a resale shop lying around for years. It wasn't in bad shape, but I decided to repurpose it and get several projects out of it. 

I removed the drawers (I'll use the skeleton and the remaining drawers for other projects later):

I painted one of the smaller boxes using a couple of shades of metallic paints (I love dabbing gold paint here and there to give just the right amount of highlights...always using my fingertip to keep it as light as possible). I cut out a house silhouette, using some cardstock scraps I had in my paper stash. Then, to add some extra interest, I used one of my handwriting stamps in an antique brown. I added the windows and roof shingles with watercolor pen. The "Recollections" sticker was part of a sticker sheet I'd had lying around for ages. The little pine tree came in a package of several varying sizes purchased at the Dollar Tree. The knob on top of the box is just a wooden disc I'd had left over from a project quite a while ago. This can sit on a shelf or be hung using a sawtooth hanger glued on to the back of the piece. I'm sure an actual photo of your house could be used as well. What a great housewarming gift this would make! 

This really is a project you can do with the kids. I used hot glue to attach the house (first to a small piece of cardboard so it would look three dimensional) and the tree, but small children can use a good tacky glue to protect those little hands.

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