Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Patriotic Tank Top How-To

My friend Hannah was kind enough to share her how-to instructions for her fabulous DIY Patriotic Tank Top. Here are her awesomely easy-to-follow directions:


-white t-shirt (a little bit larger than what you would normally wear)
-red and blue spray paint ( I used the brand KRYLON, does not need to be same brand just make sure you can use it on FABRIC)
- Painters Tape (for the stripes)


To make the stars,  I just searched “star clip art” online under images and picked the one I liked and printed and cut out. –I used about 10-12 stars but you can use as many as you want and lay out however you want.

Turn stars over and placed rolled up tape on each tip of the stars to hold in place on the shirt

Place the tape wherever you think looks best for the stripes

Once all the tape is placed on the shirt, lay on a flat surface and prepare to spray. I used a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the paint didn’t soak through. I also used pieces of cardboard to cover up the parts that I didn’t want the other paint on ( so when spraying the stars, I covered the stripes and vice versa)

Spray one coat and wait until morning to peel all the tape off  ( or after first coat wait a  few hours and apply a second coat, depending on how dark you want the colors—I only used one coat). 

Once the paint is dry and the tape is peeled off, this is the video I used to help show me how to cut into a tank top:

Thanks, Hannah!

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