Saturday, May 11, 2013

Managing and Transcending Anger for Moms

We all experience stressful situations in our lives. Being a mother can be one of the most important, yet stressful jobs in the world. How we deal with and manage stress can have a definite effect on our emotional and physical well-being (and on our loved ones as well). If anger is your most commonly experienced emotional response to stress, you may be searching for ways to redirect it.

A certain amount of anger is a good thing. It can motivate us to make necessary changes in our lives. But, constant feelings of anger can have negative consequences on our relationships and our health. Actions and words spoken in anger can be as damaging as physical blows. No mother wants this. So what do you do?

Meditation or Yoga

Meditation and Yoga can calm the mind, body and soul. Consider taking a course or purchasing an instructional CD. Your local YMCA most likely offers classes and these can be quite affordable.

Keep an Anger Journal

Documenting anger outbursts can be useful for keeping track of your triggers. If you begin to see a pattern you'll have a better understanding of your own personal anger-producing situations, which can help you head off, if not avoid, these scenarios.

Take a Class

Conflict resolution and anger management training can be beneficial in helping control anger. These types of classes are available at local adult education centers and community colleges. Some are even available online.


There is absolutely no shame in talking with a therapist or counselor. Talk therapy can be extremely beneficial for getting to the root of anger issues and learning coping skills.

Self-Help Books

Take a walk thru any bookstore or go online and you'll see there is no shortage of self-help books available. My personal favorite is Transcending Anger, by Charles Dittell. This particular self-help book is unique in that Charles Dittell teaches readers how to rid themselves of anger, instead of just managing anger (an ongoing process). Charles is so confident in his methods that he's is giving away three signed copies of his Transcending Anger book, starting May 15, 2013. For a chance to win a copy, please visit the eBook Review Gal website, or Charles Dittell's website today.

I hope you'll find these tips beneficial. Please let me know what works for you!

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