Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Write Your Indie Book

If you're always searching for ways to make some extra money while staying home with your children you should consider writing a book. Yes...writing a book! If you're thinking, I can't write a book. Who would even read it? Think again.

eReaders have made it possible for just about anyone to become an instant published author. Many now famous book authors got their start as independent authors. The economy has forced most of the big book publishers to become extremely selective when accepting book manuscripts. In addition, when a publishing company does accept a manuscript, they rarely (if ever) offer a monetary advance. The benefits of wooing a book publisher have greatly diminished for writers.

Take stock of your knowledge and skills and you might be surprised at how much valuable information you already have at your fingertips. Writing your Indie book is probably just a few keyboard clicks away. Below is a brief slideshow to get the creative juices flowing:

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