Friday, April 19, 2013

Heart in Jar Craft

Here's a craft project that cost me practically nothing. I made the fabric heart from some burlap fabric my mom had given me. The jar was a recycled honey jar. My hubby had this medium gauge wire kicking around for a while.

First, I drew a freeform heart pattern on some cardstock and sewed the heart. I then distressed a torn piece of muslin (a tiny piece is all that's needed) and sewed it to the burlap heart with red embroidery floss. I tucked the heart inside the jar. I used two pairs of pliers to bend and wrap the wire to form the hanger. The hangtag was made from a key tag (I bought a box of these for a couple of bucks at Wal-Mart), which I distressed and stamped with brown ink. A torn piece of gingham (again, given to me by my generous mom) tied in a casual knot completes this charming piece of art.

Don't you think these would make super cute party favors? You don't have to make these from honey jars. Any clean jar will do. This little jar measures just 6-inches with the hanger, which adds to its charm!

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