Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tin Ceiling Tile Crafts

Have you ever wandered your local craft store isles and noticed those great tin ceiling tiles? You've probably appreciated their old-fashioned, well-worn look, but wondered what you could do with them.
Tin ceiling tiles have been in use since the 1800's. Since they were durably constructed, many tin ceilings have survived over the centuries and are still available today. Because of their ornate appeal, tin ceiling tiles are often used in craft projects. Craft stores now sell reproduction tin ceiling tiles for this purpose. There are several easy crafts for children that use these tiles. With a few additional supplies, children can complete the following tin ceiling tile crafts in a day or less.

Embossed Art Using Tin Ceiling Tiles

Even young children should have no problem making original artwork using this embossing method. Set a tin ceiling tile face up on a table. Lay a sheet of standard drawing paper on top of the tile. Use charcoal pencils, colored pencils, crayons, chalk or pastels on a slight angel and rub until the tin ceiling tile design begins to show on the paper's surface. Experiment with different writing tools, papers and varied pressure. Embossed paper art can used in scrapbooks, as custom stationery or folded to create greeting cards.

Tin Ceiling Tile Wall Art

Custom wall art can be created by children of almost any age. Purchase artist's canvas and paint in desired colors with acrylic paints. Paint tin ceiling tiles with metal paint. Acrylics can be used but will need to be sealed with an acrylic sealer. Experiment with splatter, sponge and dabbing paint techniques. If a vintage look is desired, tiles can be lightly sanded after the paint has completely dried. Using a strong glue, such as E6000, attach the tin ceiling tile to the artist's canvas.

Tin Ceiling Tile Christmas Ornaments

Creating a tin ceiling tile Christmas ornament is easy and required just a few supplies. The ceiling tile can be painted or left in its original color. Drill a hole at the top of the ceiling tile. Adults can do this step for young children. Older children can complete this step with adult supervision. Wrap string, twine, yarn or raffia around the tile a few times in different directions and tie off. Tuck photos or cut-outs from old Christmas cards under the string. Jingle bells and other trinkets can be tied to the wrapped string. Thread a piece of holiday ribbon through the drilled hole and tie into a bow for hanging on the tree.

Tin Ceiling Tile Scrapbook

Two tin ceiling tiles are needed to make this scrapbook. The tiles can be painted or left in their original color. Cut some writing, sketch or notebook paper the same size as the tin tiles. Set aside. Take the two tiles and lay one on top of the other. Using a permanent marker, mark two holes for drilling. Drill through both tiles at the same time to be sure they line up properly. Adults can do this step for small children. Older children can drill the holes with adult supervision. Take one tile and place it on top of your paper pile. Drill into and through the paper pile. Use leather cording, yarn or ribbon, pull through the drilled holes and tie off securely. The scrapbook cover can be decorated, using a strong glue, with photos, buttons, jewelry and other odds and ends. Or the string wrapping method can be used to hold objects in place.

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