Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reuse That Pickle Juice!

Did you know you can reuse leftover pickle juice to pickle raw and frozen veggies? Why, yes you can and it's delicious! All the work of making the pickle brine has been done for you.

First, I started with a jar of pickle juice. We like Best Maid because they're made right here in Texas. This particular jar currently has broccoli pickling in it.

Then I cut up some yummy celery sticks. These are the bitter, end pieces that often get discarded, but are perfectly good for pickling.

Next, I cut some carrot sticks.

I put the celery and carrot sticks in the pickle juice jar. In a couple of days, we'll have delicious pickled veggies.

The rest of the veggies were cut up and stored in a plastic food storage container for dipping in ranch dressing later. ALWAYS take the time to cut your own celery and carrot sticks. You save money when you do it yourself instead of buying pre-cut sticks. Plus, you know for sure that those nasty pesticides have been washed off thoroughly.

You can do this with any kind of veggies. Use whatever you and your family enjoy. You can also pickle hard boiled eggs the same way. 

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