Saturday, October 8, 2011

Homemade Primitive Wood Signs

I’ve always been a big fan of rustic wood projects. Making primitive reproductions is one of my favorite things to do. Unlike making fine wood furniture and accessories, you don’t have to be as particular with primitives. They’re also in high demand among collectors. Real antiques cost hundreds of dollars. Reproductions give people the opportunity to accessorize their country homes for far less money. When I sold these primitive wood signs and similar items, at craft shows, they sold out quickly, long before the sale was over.

I went to my local Home Depot and picked up a 12-foot long pine board for just under $12. Mine was 7 inches wide and 1-inch thick, but other widths will do fine. I had the lumber associate cut the board in 3 pieces, so each sign only cost me $4!

I sanded the board on all sides and rounded the corners to add a look of age. I used a palm sander, but you can sand by hand if you like.

Then I added a coat of mustard yellow craft acrylic paint and let it dry. I used letter stencils; not full word stencils, which is a teensy bit more difficult since you have to take care to keep your letters properly spaced and straight. But, that's what I had to work with, so I made do.

And here's the finished product. I used two different size letters to accent "Home" and included some stenciled chickens, roosters and primitive stars. Finally, I lightly sanded the entire piece with the palm sander and applied a coat of light wood stain to really make it primitive looking.

So, now I have a primitive kitchen sign that I made myself at a fraction of what I would have spent on a sign purchased online. Anyone can do this. They make great gifts too! I'll be posting some more pictures of other signs I've made. My mom gave me some scraps and I've made some nice signs from those too...and the best part was they were free!

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