Monday, February 20, 2017

Spotlight on MargolisPineoItalia Etsy Shop - Fine Italian Clothing for Women and Men

We have another Etsy shop feature to share with readers! MargolisPineoItalia sells stunning accessories from Italy. Shop owner Elizabeth Margolis-Pineo recently stopped by to chat with us about her business, her Etsy shop and her life.

Elizabeth Margolis-Pineo, aka Libby, says that her shop’s tagline “Italian Warmth for Maine Winters” says it all and she’s right. Anyone who has spent a winter in Maine knows the true meaning of cold! What better way is there to stay warm, toasty and fashionable than to wrap up with a luxurious Italian poncho, shawl or scarf?

With a combined art and design, and travel-writing background Libby contemplated starting a business in 2000 after the eldest of her three daughters went off to college. “My husband and I realized we could never travel again – unless we made a business out of it. So we began to hunt for something, anything, that we thought we could sell in our hometown of Portland, Maine,” Libby says. MargolisPineoItalia was the perfect answer.

Now, after seventeen years of designing and procuring high quality apparel, Libby continues to offer her clients the very best Italian garments available. All of our accessories are manufactured with the highest standards of Old World craftsmanship, which means a lot to us,” says Libby. “We strive to find authentic Italian styles, textiles and designs that will consistently appeal to our loyal customer base,” she adds.


Although the MargolisPineoItalia Etsy shop has been open for two years, Libby and her husband have been selling their beautiful garments via their website, as well as through several New England shops, since 2000. Additionally, MargolisPineoItalia sponsors a giant overstock sale every year, the week after Thanksgiving. Libby reports this yearly event is always packed. “We sell a lot of items at that sale. It’s become an institution. Portland is just small enough for a tradition like that to become a “thing” in a very short amount of time. It attracts an almost cult following!”Libby says.

There's no doubt that MargolisPineoItalia will be in business for many years to come. With an endless supply of unique handcrafted items, Libby and her husband are certain they'll continue to offer the very best in superior quality accessories. From the start, Libby says she and her husband quickly discovered that Italy has some of the finest woolen pieces on the planet - scarves, shawls, ruana wraps, ponchos - all made from beautiful blends of merino wool, cashmere, mohair, lamb's wool, camelhair, angora, alpaca, SILK and other luxurious blends.

"We began by buying a small number of very plain lamb's wool shawls and mufflers. In fact, we still carry them. We hope to have them in our line forever - they are our first born, if you will," Libby says. Inventory has steadily increased over the years and there's definitely something available for just about everyone - including men.

"Did I mention that we also have men's accessories? Well, we do! Men can choose from a delectable array of silk neckties, bowties (farfalle), fabulous knitted ties (very chic), silk foulards, mufflers, incredible socks and more," Libby is happy to add. 

Libby encourages readers to visit her Etsy shop, the MargolisPineoItalia website and her travel website. She's currently offering a generous coupon to Etsy users (SPRING10) so be sure to use it when making your next purchase!

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